Class Pack/Fixed length Usage Limits

Example 1

This pack is available for class type = Core Toning. 

The customer will get 10 classes before the pack completes (if they use them before any expiry date on the membership).

Note. Class packs usually expire after a certain amount of uses, so you are required to put a limit on the pack. 



Example 2

This pack offers 10 classes overall, but only 5 of the classes can be for Core Toning, and 5 for HIIT.


Example 3

In this example the customer has 10 classes, but usage limits mean they can only use 1 class per week. 

As soon as the limit of 10 is reached, the pack will complete. 



Note. Fixed length memberships have the same settings as above. It is more likely a fixed length membership will have an expiry date on the membership, so take that into consideration when setting your usage limits. 

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