Recurring membership usage limits

Example 1

For this example only class registrations are allowed. 

By selecting Open Gym and Core Toning class types, only these classes can be registered to with this membership. 

When choosing not to set any usage limits, this will mean any customer who owns this membership will get unlimited classes within the billing period and the class types allowed. 



Example 2

In this example the membership is still only usable for Open Gym and Core Toning. 

The usage limits being set ensure that a customer can only have 8 sessions per month with this membership. 

Note. With this setup the customer can choose how they use the 8 classes i.e. 7 Open Gym and 1 Core Toning, or 4 Open Gym and 4 Core Toning and so on. 




Example 3

Now the customer still gets 8 classes per month, but there are also limits per class type. 

Only 3 of the 8 classes can be Open Gym with these settings.

The other 5 classes can be used for Core Toning.  



Example 4

In this example Core Toning registrations count towards the 8 overall classes per month. 

Open Gym has a limit of 3, but this is separate from the 8. So the customer essentially gets 11 sessions in total. 

8 of these to be used on Core Toning and 3 on top of the 8 to be used for Open Gym. 

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