Creating a recurring membership

Recurring memberships offer a great way for you to improve cashflow and improve retention. 

To get started just head to the memberships section and click 'Add New'.

Now choose recurring contract.


You'll now need to complete the following steps:

1. Membership name

2. Category - This is a great way to segment your memberships under headers i.e. monthly contracts, class packs etc. 

Click here to setup categories if desired.

3. Membership description 

4. Allow repeat purchases - can the customer own the membership more than once? 

5. Is this membership visible to customers?

6. Business only purchase - Do you want full control over assigning this membership to your customers profiles. 

7. For new customers only - Only new customers will be able to see this membership if you check this box.

See our guide for more on this Create memberships for new customers only

8. Ignore no-shows - attendances marked as no-show (this is done from the class attendee page) will not count towards usage limits.

For example, if a customer has booked 1 of their 2 sessions per week and does attend the class and is marked a no-show, they still have 2 sessions for the remainder of the week. 

9. Minimum cancellation notice - do your customers have to give any notice before cancelling their membership? 

Tip. We often recommend at least 30 days cancellation period here, so that if a customer cancels you have a full month to replace their payment with a new customer. 


Now you can decide which registrations are allowed with this membership. For this example we're allowing class registrations + all class types to be registered onto. 

If you haven't already done so, see our guide on setting up a class.



As this membership is limited to 2 per week, we need to select 'Yes, some periods have limits' and set a per week limit of 2. 


See our guides below for more in-depth detail about usage limits.

Recurring membership usage limits

Class Pack/ Fixed length Usage Limits



Finally, you'll need to add the contract plan for this membership.



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