Make a recurring class reservation for a customer

Head to Classes>>Reservations.


Click to add a new recurring reservation, and then search for the customer you are making the reservation for. 



Select which membership you would like to use to make the reservation. 

Tip. You can add a different membership for the reservation if desired. We'll redirect you back to this step if you decide to add a new membership to this customer profile. 

Now choose the time slot you want this recurring reservation to be made for. 

In the below example it will start on 3rd July 2016, for Strength class at 10:00-11:00.


Finally, set the duration of the recurring reservation. You can keep the reservation running until the membership expires, or for a set number of weeks. 

Click 'Create Recurring Reservation' to finalise the reservation. 


You'll see an overview of the reservation now. Click here for our guide on editing or deleting reservations if required.


Note. recurring reservations only book 5 weeks in advance. So classes beyond the 5 weeks will be marked as not attending, until they are 5 weeks away. 

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