Completing Waivers, Questions and Contact Information

The fitness business you have signed up to may want you to complete waivers, questions, and contact information.

If applicable, you will need to complete this information before you can make any purchase, or any registration. We will automatically guide you to this section when you try to perform one of these actions. 

Note. you will only need to complete each requirement once. 

Signing the waiver

There is a 3 step process to this. All 3 steps must be completed to move on to the next requirement. 

1. Check the checkbox

2. Write your name

3. Click "Sign waiver"

You will only have to complete each unique waiver once. 

If the business has different waivers for certain offerings, you may be required to complete multiple.



You are required to answer all questions in this section.

You may be required to add an explanation depending on your answer. 

Once you have answered each question, click submit besides it to confirm your answer.


Contact/Emergency Contact information

You will need to complete all fields within these sections. 

Once you have entered the requested information, click submit to confirm your details. 


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