Adding Instructors and Venues


Want to add one of your instructors to teamup? or do you have more than one venue for your events?

Let’s walk through how to add this for both.


Add an instructor

Instructors can be added from Staff>Staff Accounts, and click add staff acount.

You’ll need to enter the instructor's name and email address.


Now you need to decide what permissions you would like this user to have on your dashboard.

For example, it may be that you only want this instructor to manage sessions and attendances they instruct.

Whatever your choice, just toggle the radio button on, to activate for this instructor.


Under instructor settings, you will also want to click ‘is Instructor?’, and then input the instructor name. This will allow you to pick this user as the class instructor for your classes.

You can also add about details, and photo if desired.

Now to add this user as an instructor of a class, just head to the schedule you would like them to instruct, click edit details:


and toggle their name under the instructor's section:



Your customers will be able to see that this instructor is taking the class as well.


Add a venue

You might have more than one venue where you hold events at. Multiple venues can easily be added from Settings, Venue, then ‘add a venue’.


Now you just need to name, and enter the address of your venue.

Instructions for adding the address:

  • Start typing the address of your venue without unit number
  • If your venue does not have an address (a park, for example), you can try to search for the park name, or just search for the park's city.
  • Once you select one of the dropdown search results, you'll be able to edit an address and place a map marker exactly where you want it.

Click 'create venue' once you're happy with your settings.


To use this venue for an event,  just head to the class schedule, click edit details, and choose this venue from the drop-down menu.


This will now be the active venue for this event schedule.

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