Waitlist settings

Waitlist Settings

The following settings can be found under Settings >> Registration.

Auto-Join From Waitlist - Customers will automatically be added to classes/events from the waitlist if a spots becomes available more than ‘x’ days, ‘x’ hours, ‘x’ minutes before the event starts. If the event occurs in less than ‘x’ days, ‘x’ hours, ‘x’ minutes, the customer will need to join the class/event manually before the spot expires.

Note. This will only automatically add customers who can join the event for free (because they have a membership or because the event is free). 



Reserved Spot Expiration Time - This is for waitlist spots that do not automatically add the customer into the class. When a waitlist spot becomes available and the customer has to accept the spot manually, the customer will have ‘x’ minutes to claim the spot. If they do not claim the spot in time, the spot will go to the next person on the waitlist.



Waitlist Maximum Settings - Here you can decide how many people you would like to allow onto the waitlist or whether to disable the waitlist entirely. This can be set individually for each event you have.



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