Add a contract plan for a recurring membership

When creating a new monthly (recurring) contract, you have the option to decide on the billing frequency i.e. weekly/monthly/bi-weekly/bi monthly and so on (see section '"Contract Plans" under Memberships>Memberships>Add New>Monthly Contract)

Firstly, choose your billing frequency. The below example will bill every 2 weeks:

Once you have decided on your billing frequency you will need to decide on the price your customers will pay each time this date is reached. The below example will charge £24 inclusive of VAT every 2 weeks.
Note. if you click on the calculator symbol this will show you the price pre-tax/fee price:

From the same page, set the number of billing cycles, and decide what happens when the billing cycle ends:

You can now choose when the first payment period will start.

If you select "First full payment is due on date of purchase" the customer will make a full payment on the date they purchase the membership. The start date will be the billing date for the customer every month. 

If you choose "Bills on a set day of the month or week..." you can decide on the day of the week/date of the month to choose. Note. with this option any partial first periods will be prorated. 



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