Adding your widget to a Wix site

Adding the teamup widget to a Wix website builder site.

Wix is a drag and drop website builder.

This is how to add your teamup widget to your Wix site.

  1. Log into your Wix account
  2. Click 'edit site' next to your website (you will need to have made a website first, please contact Wix for help with this).



  1. Use the drop down menu at the top of the page to select the page you want to add your widget to.


  1. Click the ‘plus’ sign on the left hand menu, and then ‘apps’



  1. Click ‘HTML’


  1. Resize the box that appears as desired. You will need at least 600px wide, but we strongly recommend making it the full width of your page to make it mobile compatible.
  2. Double click the box to open settings, and change the mode to ‘HTML code’. This will open up a box to enter the widget code.

  1. Return to teamup in a different tab or window, and go to settings >> site integration


  1. Customise as required.

Tip. To get the full width version for mobile, please select 100%.

  1. Copy the https code from the box on the right, and return to Wix.


  1. Paste the code in the box and click ‘Update’


  1. If everything has worked correctly, your teamup widget will now load in the box you created.


  1. Click ‘Publish’ in the top right hand corner to complete the set up.


You are now live.

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    Alice Nebel

    Wix only supports "Https" not "Http"

    Edited by Alice Nebel
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    Mitch Tate

    Thanks for letting us know Alice. Article has been updated. 

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