How to remove a discount code from a customers membership

Go to Discount Codes>Discount Codes and click on your desired discount code:

You will then be able to see a list of customers who have used the code, and what they have used it for. 
Click on the customer name, and this will take you to the customer profile page:

From the customer profile, click on the membership tab.
From here select the membership you would like to remove the discount code from:

This takes you to the detail page for your chosen customer membership.
Click 'Remove Discount':

And now confirm you want to remove the discount:

The discount has now been removed from the customer's membership, and all future payments.

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    How do I add a discount to a client's existing membership, please?

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    Hi Pier,

    Discounts can only be added at the start, when the purchase is made.

    The simplest way around this would be to adjust the customers billing total on the membership.

    Drop us a line to if you need any further guidance with this.

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