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The Class Detail page is a hub that allows quick access to a session's details and attendee information. You'll be able to view, add/remove and check off class attendees, edit the session's details, and more.

This guide gives an overview of what you'll find in each section of the Class Detail Page and explains how to use all the features:

What information is on the Class Detail Page?

Edit/Cancel a class

Check off attendees

Payment and store order confirmation

View information about attendees

Download the list of attendees

Copy attendees' emails

Add customers

Remove customers

View the activity feed


Each class on your Calendar has its own Class Detail page. You can find this by heading to the Calendar and clicking on the desired class.

Note. You will need to click the 'Details' button if you are using the list view.



What information is on the class detail page?

You'll be able to view and manage the session's details:

  • Date
  • Venue
  • Instructor
  • Number of attendees/class size limit


  • Class visibility (is this class visible to everyone, membership holders or the business?), the registration status (are registrations open or closed?) and the session's URL on the customer site (click the clipboard to copy the URL).

Note: the class visibility is set from Classes >> Class types. For more information on managing registration settings, please see Registration Settings.

Click the "i" icon for more details: 


  • How customers can book this class (via memberships, drop-ins, using discount codes). Click the "i" icon for more details. 

Note: if you'd like to create a discount code on the spot, click "Manage Discount Codes" in the popup. Please see How to create a discount code. The discount code option will only be available for classes that allow drop-ins.


Click the 'Jump to' button to easily jump to previous or upcoming sessions, or use the arrows on either side to skip to previous/next classes.


You'll also be able to manage/view attendees and see the activity feed for this session (more information below).


Edit/Cancel a class

Quickly edit a session's details, or cancel it, by clicking the 'Options' button.




Please note that any changes made will only affect this session and not any others within the class type.


Change the class name, alter the description to make it different from the class type, and/or edit the date, time, venue, instructors, class size limits and relaxed advance bookings setting.



When a class is canceled, you will be able to decide whether you want to refund your customers or not.


Refund options are:

Membership Credits. customers will be refunded their membership usage.

Monetary Refunds. If your customers paid a drop-in fee, you will have the option to refund them account credit from this page.

Alternatively, if you wish to refund them the monetary value via the payment processor, remove them from the class first.

When you remove them from the class, you'll get the option to refund the payment to the original processor:



Check off attendees

For class members on the attendance list, you can "check off" to track no-shows, or you can mark them as attended.

The attendance status affects several reports and flows within the system:

  • The customer attendance report in Customers >> Reports, which helps you find your most active customers.
  • The attendances download report in Classes >> Reports >> Attendances download.
  • The instructor hours report in Classes >> Reports >> Instructors. In this report, you will be able to filter out any customers who didn't show up for class.
  • Checkoff status notifications. Attendance status can be used to trigger attendance-based notification. Please see Pre-post class notifications.



Payment and store order confirmation

If any of the attendees have a pending order from your store, you'll be able to confirm their payment and/or mark the order as paid from the attendee list if you wish.

Staff members with the Customer Payments permission will be able to confirm an attendee's pending payment.


View information about attendees

The attendee list features useful information about your customers at glance, such as how many classes they've attended, their birthday, how they paid for the class, outstanding payments, pending store orders and health issues.

Sort the list by name, last name, or past attendance count.



Note: Only staff members with the Customer Payments or the Manage Sessions permissions will be able to view/manage attendees' payment details. To manage staff permissions, please see Edit staff permissions.


Download the list of attendees

Download a list of attendees in .CSV or PDF. The report includes the customer's name, email, membership, attendance count, flagged issues and pending payments by default. You will be prompted to tick any other customer fields you wish to download.

Note: Any staff members who don't have the Customers permission will only be able to view/download names and email addresses.




Copy attendees' emails

Need a list of your customer's emails? Click the envelope icon to display the list and copy the emails to your clipboard.


Add customers

Staff members can add a person to the class by clicking the "Add" button. Attendees can be registered before, during, or after the class. 

Note: staff members will need to be an owner, an admin or an instructor with the "Manage attendances" permission in order to be able to add a customer to the class. See Edit staff member permissions.

Most businesses use the "Add" button two ways. 

  1. If a customer cannot register for the class themselves for some reason, a staff member can add the customer to the class list. 
  2. If a business does not require customers to register for classes but the business still wants to track attendances, the "Add" feature can be used to add customers to class lists before, during, or after the class. 

For help with adding a customer, see Registering a customer.


Remove customers

To remove a customer, click the cog button next to their name.




In the next step, you'll be prompted to confirm if they're a late or a regular cancelation and if you'd like to notify them.



View the activity feed

Now, when you make an edit to a class' times, occupancy, instructors, or venue, the activity feed shows you what changed. 



Click the '?' icon to view the change details log.




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