Enabling Direct Debit Payments via GoCardless (For UK Businesses)

UK Businesses can collect Direct Debit payments from their members through teamup using GoCardless. This article explains how to enable Direct Debit payments on your teamup account. 

  1. In your payment settings click "Manage Payment Methods" 
  2. Click the "integrate" button in the GoCardless option to begin the process of linking a GoCardless account to your teamup account. These steps are the same whether you have an existing GoCardless account or not. 
  3. Click "Connect with GoCardless". You'll be taken to GoCardless' website to fill out a brief form. 
  4. Fill out the form on GoCardless' site. It will ask you for basic business and banking information. 
  5. When you complete the form on GoCardless' site, you'll be redirected back to teamup. Now you just have to activate GoCardless as a payment option on your payment methods page.

With GoCardless active, your members will be able to pay you using Direct Debit. 

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