How to adjust the price on a recurring membership

You can edit the prices of any of your monthly membership plans up, or down, at any time.

Note. if a payment is already scheduled with the processor the payment total will not update this payment.

First navigate the membership type that you wish to change (e.g. Monthly unlimited)

On the next page you'll be given the option to edit the membership, edit the "Terms" displayed, and close the membership to new purchases. To change the pricing you need to click the "Edit Plan" button for each pricing plan. 


You will now be on the page to edit the price for all new customers purchasing the plan:

You will also have the option to edit the price your existing members pay.

To do this:

> Select All in the tick box on the left of the above page OR tick the customers you would like to change price for. 
> Click the "New Price" drop down box, and select to set to the price for new customers OR change the price for each individual customer.

> Click submit to save the changes. 


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