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Google Analytics: How to set up conversion goals and use events

How to use the TeamUp and Google Analytics integration, and how to view events and set up conversion goals.

TeamUp integrates with Google Analytics. It's a request-only feature. Please complete the steps in this article if you wish to utilise it for your business.

Please note that this is an advanced user feature. It's one where you will need to have a certain amount of knowledge about Google Analytics before being able to understand the process.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics enables you to track the behaviour of visitors to your website. You can see the pages they visit, how long they spend looking at them, and a range of other things.

It's really useful for diagnosing your website and making improvements. It's a fairly advanced tool so if you starting out we'd recommend installing on your website to start tracking data but then only worrying about it once you start wanting to make finetune improvements.

How does the TeamUp and Google Analytics integration work?

The TeamUp and Google Analytics integration works by using the same tracking code that you use on your website on your TeamUp Customer Site. Using multi-domain tracking Google Analytics sees this as one website. TeamUp sends a unique identifier for each customer and so you can track their behaviour across your whole funnel.

All of the information from TeamUp is sent as pageviews and as events. Only membership purchase events are sent so we recommend using memberships for drop-in purchases if you want to be able to track all purchases.

Before you use this to set up goals, you will want to

Where can I find the events information in Google Analytics?

To see the events that Google Analytics is tracking, head to Behaviour >> Events

Once you are on the report you will see the top categories. The TeamUp events are under "Memberships/Passes".

The information is stored as follows:

Category: Memberships/Passes

Action: purchase

Label: [membership name] - note this report also includes the value and average value of purchases

Value: stored with label but available for all levels too

Once you understand this information then you can use it to create goals.

How to use this information to create goals in Google Analytics

To create a goal head to admin, and then click goals under the view you want to create the goal for.

Select 'custom' for the goal type and then you will enter a name, and select 'event' for the goal details. You'll be presented with options for how to build the values.

You can then fill out these fields with one or more of these fields. We usually recommend one only to keep it simple, but you might want to say membership purchases over x value, for example, so combinations are useful. You don't need to select a value to have the value included in reports.

Some examples of values you would input here:

Goal - All membership purchases - enter "Memberships/Passes" in Category or "purchase" in Action.

Goal - A specific membership purchase i.e. free trial - enter "[membership name]" in the Label box. By the way, replace [membership name] with the value you saw on the Events report!

Goal - All purchases over $100 - Enter 100 into the Value box.

You can see how easy it is to build out the goals.

For more assistance then please drop support a line. We'll update this guide further soon.


My goal isn't showing data even though there is event data

Goals will never add historical data so this is likely just a case of waiting longer to see your results. If you added the goal and there is event data since then you have likely typed something incorrectly in the goal set up. Check your goal set up and make sure the settings are typed exactly the same as the event category, action, or label.

📢  Google recently announced that Google Analytics 4 will replace Google Universal Analytics. At this time, we only support Google Universal Analytics.

We plan to support Google Analytics 4 in the future, but if this is something you'd like to see on TeamUp as soon as possible, please click here to vote this request up in our feedback portal. When the feature is updated, you'll receive an email to let you know.

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