Why can't my customer book a particular class

Membership usage limits have been reached

You can check usage limits by going to the customer's Membership page and clicking on the desired membership:

You will then need to go to the usage tab, where you will be able to see all usage, and if any limits have been reached:

Membership usage settings do not allow registrations for classes

Ensure that the membership is set to be used for classes under usage limits when you edit an existing/add a new membership:

Class falls outside the membership start/expiration date 

Check membership start/expiration date from customer's membership page:

Customer has 2 profiles

Sometimes a customer will have 2 accounts (with different email addresses), and they attempt to book onto a class with the incorrect account i.e. an account that doesn't have the correct membership, or is inactive.

Search for a customer name under Customers >> Customer List to determine how many accounts they have set up.

Make sure you tick the inactive customer box as below, to ensure this is included in your search:

Note. Check with the customer which email address they are trying to make the booking with. You can then confirm if that account is active, and set up to use for the booking they are attempting to do.

If you are still having issues, you can contact our support team at support@goteamup.com. Please include customer name, class name and time, and any other relevant information on any support queries.

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