How can I download a list of all class attendances

The attendance download report lets you export all of your class attendances to a CSV file.

Head to Classes >> Reports >> Attendances Download:

You now have a few options to choose from before you complete the export.

  • Select your desired month to export.

Note. You can export any month in the past, and any 2 months in the future.

  • Choose your class type. You can choose to export all offerings/ or individual ones.

  • Choose a venue. You can choose to export all venues/ or individual ones.

  • Select an instructor. You can choose to export all instructors/ or individual ones.

Here is an example of the data the CSV file contains:

You'll notice there are 2 "first class" columns. One for whether the attendance was the first overall class attendance. The other shows whether it was the first attendance using the venue, offering type, etc. that were filtered previously. If no filters are applied, these columns will be equal.

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