One on one sessions can be set up and managed as you would any other class type, with the added benefit of being able to add a one-off appointments directly from your TeamUp Calendar.

One on one sessions will show in your regular calendar, but can be set to be visible to specific members only i.e. any customer who owns a 1-2-1 membership, or visible to the business side only.

Create a one to one class type

One to one classes are setup in the same way a regular class type is setup. This guide walks you through the general setup.

Before setting up your class we'd recommend making sure you have your instructors and venues added first:

When setting up your class you may want to consider:

  • Setting the class size limit to 1 if there is just one attendee allowed per class.
  • Making this class type visible to certain members only. This is great if you don't want your regular customers to see your one on one calendar.

    Note that it's necessary to set your classes to business side visible only if you're using Appointments - more on this under 2. below.

    You can read more about how to change the class visibility, here.

Scheduling a one on one class

Once you have your one on one class type you'll want to schedule your classes. This can be done a couple of ways depending on your requirements.

  1. You have repeating time slots i.e. 9-10am, 11-12pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

    Head to Scheduling a class type>>Weekly time slots for guidance on how to set these up.

    Tip. if you have one on one customers who hold the same time slot each week, you'll be able to book them in via the recurring reservation tool. If you'd like customers to make their own reservations just let us know as we can enable a feature to allow this.
  2. A customer can choose any time within a period you define i.e. you have availability between 9am-5pm and a customer can choose to book at 9:15am for 30 mins, or 1 hour etc.

    In this case, we'd recommend adding a one-off session as a new appointment (Calendar>>New Appointment) as and when required. You'll be able to book your customer into the time slot in the same flow.

    Remember that Appointments can only be added for classes set to business side visible. You can change the class visibility my following these steps.

Head to Scheduling a class type>>One-off time slots if you'd like to add a one-off class directly from the class type instead of the calendar.

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