If you're running online classes, you might be recording your sessions so that you can share them with your customers later on. Or, you might want to offer workouts that your customers can do in their own time.

The great thing about recorded content is that it can be used and repurposed in virtually endless ways, so you can really get creative! 

If you're looking for some inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Record your online classes and share them afterwards with customers that missed the class or whose connection dropped.
  • Offer prerecorded sessions in bundles, courses, or single workouts that your customers can purchase at any time.
  • Record exercise demos or workout breakdowns to prep your customers for an upcoming online session.

Let’s look at how to share prerecorded videos on TeamUp.

Where to host/record your videos

First, you'll need a place to host your videos so you can share them with your customers. 

There are many great platforms out there that allow you to host and even record your videos. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  • Zoom. Need to interact with your customers during online classes and record your sessions? Zoom allows you to do this and much more. They offer cloud hosting so that you can easily save and share your recorded content.

Note: Did you know that TeamUp integrates with Zoom? Schedule your classes on TeamUp and let the integration take care of creating the meetings on Zoom and sending the link to your customers. Click here to get set up in 3 quick steps.

  • Youtube. With YouTube you'll be able to stream, record and save your sessions. The platform features a built-in video editor which allows you to quickly record and edit videos. Or, you can upload videos you've recorded previously with your phone or camera. 
  • Facebook. Facebook's live feature allows you to stream and record sessions. You can also upload pre-recorded videos to your account. This platform is ideal if you've got a group for your members.
  • Vimeo. Vimeo allows you to upload videos to their cloud hosting.
  • A hidden page on your website. Customers would be able to access this page if you send them the URL.

How to share your content using TeamUp

How can customers purchase the prerecorded content?

Prepaid plans are ideal for this, as they allow customers to make a one-off payment and you can set up a notification to send them the link to the video right after they purchase.

To create a prepaid plan, head to Memberships >> Memberships >> click 'Add a membership' and select the prepaid plan option

To create an email with the link to the video/s, you'll need to create a membership purchase notification

All you need to do beyond this is to update/add the video links to the notification.

Can I create a class schedule for my prerecorded videos?

Yes, you can set up classes for prerecorded content, just like you would for regular classes. 

If your customers have booked these classes via a specific prepaid plan or membership, you'll be able to configure the class visibility so that only these members can view/access the sessions.

To share the video for each class with your customers you can:

  • Use pre-class notifications to trigger an email before the class. If you decide to use these notifications, you may need to set yourself a reminder to update the link in the email before each class if the link you're sharing changes.
  • Update the class detail page before each class to include the link to the video or page it's hosted on. To do this, head to Calendar >> click desired class >> click Options - Edit and include the link in the class description.

Can I send my customers a recording of a video after class?

Yes, you can send them the link after class via a post-class notification. Please note that if the video link is different for each class, you'll need to edit the email template after each class to update the link.

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