This tool allows you to quickly edit or end existing holds in bulk. The tool can act on any hold that's either active or starting in the future, regardless of how that hold was created*.

*Holds can be created in bulk or individually.

How to use the bulk edit/end hold tool

The bulk hold tool currently lives in the Tools and Resources section.

In the first step you'll be able to choose which membership types you want to filter. If you know beforehand that you want to bulk edit or end all memberships on hold, you can skip this step.
Please note that only memberships with customer memberships that have applicable holds (active or starting in the future) are shown. 

The available filters are:

  • Any customer. Search by customer name.
  • Any membership. Select the desired membership/s. 
  • Any type. Select packs, recurring and/or prepaid plans.

Then, select the holds you want to edit or end. You can select one, some or all, as seen below.

Secondly, you'll see the list of customers/memberships you selected in the previous step, and you'll be prompted to configure the edit. 

For each of start date, end date, "days to add", you can choose to keep current values or update to a new value. The "end" choice supports ending holds now, or making them all open ended.

In the next step, you'll see what will change for each membership, and you'll be asked to confirm the changes. In the example below, we're bulk-editing all customer memberships so that they end on April 10.

Here, you'll also be able to copy customer email addresses to send them any communication about the end of hold.

If all looks good, click 'Confirm'.

Note. No prorates are calculated on payments or class usage allowance for partial months so if you want to make other adjustments to payments either side of the hold period you will have to do this manually. See Add a payment to a recurring membership for more on how to do this.

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