The bulk hold tool allows you to quickly add a hold/freeze to your recurring memberships.

The Hold function in TeamUp will allow you to set a time period where the customer's membership won't be valid for class bookings and all billing will also be put on hold. 

Note. No prorates are calculated on payments or class usage allowance for partial months with the bulk hold tool. If you want the hold to prorate please add the hold from each customer profile individually. See How to put a customer membership on hold for more on how to do this.

How to use the bulk hold tool

The bulk hold tool currently lives in the Tools and Resources section.

Note. The tool only supports adding holds to recurring memberships. The Bulk Extend Expiration Dates tool can be used for other types i.e. packs and pre-paid plans.

To get started, click 'Bulk Hold'.

Then, select which memberships you want to put on hold. Please note that you'll be allowed to exclude/include specific customers in the step after this. Click 'Continue'.

The next step allows you to create holds with or without end dates. Only customer memberships without existing active holds are shown here.

If you need to exclude any customers from the hold, untick them.

Click 'Continue' once done.

On the confirmation page, you'll be able to copy customer email addresses to send them any communication about the hold.

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