This guide covers how to put packs and prepaid plans on hold and extend the expiration date on them in bulk.

For example, if you need to close your business for 15 days, you'll be able to stop all registrations during this time and extend the end date on all packs and prepaid plans* by 15 days at once.

*Note: this tool has been designed for packs and prepaid plans, it can't be used to extend the date on recurring memberships.

If you need to put just one or a few memberships on hold, please see Hold a membership.

How can I put packs and prepaid plans on hold in bulk?

Bulk holds can be handled by completing the following actions:

  1. Bulk-cancel your classes so that customers won't be able to book any sessions during the closure. You can cancel your classes from the COVID-19 Tools and Resources section.
  2. Extend the expiration date on your packs and prepaid plans to allow customers more time to use their packages. You can extend your packs using the bulk extend tool here: COVID-19 Tools and Resources section. Keep reading to see how it works.

How to use the bulk extend tool

Head to the COVID-19 Tools and Resources page.

First, select the desired memberships and then click 'Continue'.

Now, enter the number of days you'd like to add and which customer memberships it should apply to. 

By default, all customer packs and prepaid plans that already have expiration dates are included as options. If you wish, you can untick any that shouldn't get the extension.

Click 'Continue'.

In the next step, you'll see a confirmation with a preview of the new expiration date. On this page, you'll be able to copy customer email addresses by clicking the clipboard icon next to 'Copy emails addresses' (see screenshot below).

lIf all looks correct, click 'Confirm'. 

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