This powerful report can be used in multiple ways. Generate a membership duration report, view a list of memberships currently on hold, see how many active memberships you have, how many people cancelled their membership, and much more.

You can find this report under:

Pre-filtered memberships reports

Under Reports >> Customer Memberships, you'll find handy links to some of the most frequently used views of this report.

View which customers started within the last 30 days.

Whose memberships are expiring within the next 30 days.

And how many memberships have started over time.

How to use the Memberships Report

The memberships report features a list of your customers and their active memberships. 

This list can be filtered by:

  • Customer name.

  • Membership name.

  • Membership category. These are the categories created by you from Memberships >> Memberships >> Manage Categories. If you haven't created any categories, this filter will be empty.

  • Membership status: active (still usable), cancelled (has been cancelled by the customer or business), completed (membership has completed its lifespan, or all available event registrations have been used). 

  • Membership type (pack, recurring, pre-paid plan).

  • Payment processor used to pay for the membership (GoCardless, Stripe, etc.)

  • Membership start date. The date the membership started.

  • Expiration date. The date the membership expired or became unusable, i.e. if all membership usage allowance was used.

  • Renewal date. The date the membership is set to renew.

There are also multiple "group by" options.

In the example below, we've filtered by "Status - Active" and grouped by "Type", which will give us a count of how many active packs, recurring memberships and pre-paid plans we currently have:

Download the data

Extract email addresses and other customer fields based on your search results, in order to target specific members.



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