What are Open Invoices?

Pending Online Payments in the Billing/Revenue section and Offline Payments, Bills, Failed Payments and Store Orders under To-dos deal with “open” invoices, meaning an invoice exists and has not yet been paid in full.

Once an invoice is paid by the customer, it moves to your revenue reports

When a payment is disbursed to your bank account, it will show under Payouts

All "pending", "failed", and "bill" payments are under the "Open Invoice" umbrella. This covers all in-progress payments (invoices that haven't been paid yet): whether it's because a customer hasn't added a payment method, a payment is pending with the online payment processor you are using, an offline payment - such as cash, cheque, etc. - needs to be confirmed, or charges have failed.

Types of Open Invoices

There are four types of invoices that have not yet been paid in full:

  • Pending Online Payments. Payments that have been initiated by the payment processor (e.g., GoCardless, Stripe, PaySimple etc.) but have not yet been confirmed, i.e., yet to leave the customer's bank account, will be sitting in Pending Online Payments. 

These payments will be confirmed or failed by the payment processor automatically and they require no further action from you at this stage. 

  • Bills. The invoice is open and must be paid by the customer. If a payment fails, it will automatically be retried by the system - a bill will exist for the payment until the payment has gone through successfully.  For example, a payment that is being retried will drop into bills.

Note: the maximum number of retries can be adjusted from Settings >> Registration >> Customer settings. For more information, please see this guide.

  • Failed. The payment failed and is not being retried. Payments can fail for a number of reasons (e.g., insufficient funds in the customer's bank account, card declined, etc.). When a payment hits the auto-retry limit, it will fall into Failed payments.

Some types of open invoices allow or require certain actions and others simply feature information about the payment. For more information about this, see What can you do with Open Invoices?

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