Once a membership has been created, per registration class prices can be set, in order to determine how to debit a customers membership for the event booking. One Use Plus is one of the options to choose from.

Class prices can be found by going to Memberships>Memberships and clicking the membership you would like to view. From here you can switch to the class prices tab:

Setting a class price to One Use Plus means you can debit the membership by one usage, but also charge an additional fee which customers will be asked to pay when making the registration.

 It may be that you don’t feel the membership price is high enough, to allow customers to book onto a class and only debit the membership by one usage allowance. Or perhaps you have another instructor coming in, and you want to make a small charge to cover the cost.

 In the example below, the One Use Plus option has been selected for the 121 class. Once One Use Plus is selected, a per class field will be revealed. From here you can enter your desired value:

To summarise the above screenshot, if a customer with this membership registered onto this event, the membership would be debited by one usage, so if they started with 10 usages, they would now have 9 remaining.

The customer would also pay an additional upfront fee of $25 when they register for this event. The price to pay is completely customisable per class type, so you may want to adjust some memberships to pay a higher or lower one use plus rate than others for the same class.  

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