If you have an existing membership with one or multiple plans, and you would like to edit any of these plans:

Head to Memberships >> select the desired membership, here you'll see a Payments Plans section where you can select to Edit the plan or Add Payment plan.

Click on ‘Edit’ of the one you would like to change:

<a href=https://i.gyazo.com/bf15f3c9692e67007956ca38a0f7c82a.gif?_ga=2.224854940.76007698.1550585826-527384373.1543833345"/>

Here you can:

  • Edit your customer membership cancellation settings.
  • Prevent new members from purchasing this plan by changing the status to "No, this payment plan cannot be selected".
  • Edit the default price for new members.
  • Choose whether to edit the prices for existing members

For further information on how to edit membership prices for new or existing customers please see our help guide here.

Please note it is not possible to edit an existing payment plan billing day of the month / first payment settings or minimum commitment length, so if you wish to do so then please add a new payment plan instead with the settings you wish to sell going forward and close the existing payment plan to new purchases so that existing customers still remain on their existing plan but no new customers can purchase it.

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