A report can easily be generated to show a list of cancelled memberships and the duration of time it took to cancel.

This is useful for seeing how long customers keep memberships.

Head to Memberships >> Reports

On the right, change the Status: to be Cancelled Only.

Further down, set the Expiration date: to Custom and choose the date from and to. For example, from a year ago and to today for example.

You can also set further filters to reduce the amount of data the report includes, such as particular Membership types, Categories or Payment methods.

Click the Filter button to refresh the data using those filter settings.

Now scroll back to the top and click on the Download CSV button to extract the report.

Open the resulting CSV file into Excel. This may need converting from text to columns. Depending on the version of Excel, this is in the Data menu. Highlight the first column, apply text to columns and ensure comma is used as a separator.

Now highlight column G and right-click to insert a new column.

In Cell G2, enter the formula =F2-E2

Copy G2 all the way down to the last row.

Highlight the whole of Column G and right-click>>Format Cells.

Choose Number and reduce decimal places from 2 to 0

Column G is now showing the number of days from the membership starting and expiring. You may want to sort on Column G and delete or ignore any -1 or 0 values.

If the whole of Column G is highlighted, Excel shows the average number of days, minimum and maximum at the bottom of the Excel window.

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