The memberships report on TeamUp offers a wealth of information about your business. For example, you might use it to find out how long your customers stay with you, or how many people have purchased a membership during a certain time period.

First, you'll need to download the memberships report. To do this, head to Memberships >> Reports>> apply desired filters or none, then click 'Filter' and 'Download CSV'.

Open the resulting CSV file in Excel. To convert it from text to columns, click on the Data menu, highlight the first column, apply 'text to columns' and ensure comma is used as a separator.

The end date field will be empty for memberships that are active, on hold or expired due to a cancellation. A date will need to be entered in order to calculate membership durations. To do this, follow the steps below:

1) Filter D-Current Status by 'Active' and 'Hold' and copy the current date (or any other desired date) into all empty G-End date cells.

2) Filter D-Current Status by 'Cancelled' and copy all cells from F-Expiration date to G-End date cells.

Once all end date cells have been populated, you will be able to calculate how long each customer has been with you by subtracting the end and start date columns. To subtract:

1) Highlight column H and right-click to insert a new column.

2) In Cell H2, enter the formula =G2-E2. Copy H2 all the way down to the last row.

Column H is now showing the duration of each membership in days.

Tip: If the whole of Column H is highlighted, Excel shows the average number of days at the bottom of the Excel window.

Note: You can use column D-Current status to filter by membership status - Active, Cancelled, Completed, On Hold.

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