Bulk editing time slots allows you to change all schedules under a class type in a few clicks.

Head to the desired Class Type >> Bulk Edit to get started.

You will first decide what time slots to edit.

Tip. Edit all time under the class type slots by leaving the values as 'All days', 'All times', 'All venues' etc. 

For the below example we're going to edit time slots on a specific day, at a specific venue, with a specific instructor.

The filters you apply above will determine what time slots show next.

Choose which available slots you would like to update. In this example, we're going to update all Monday time slots.

Note. the class size limit and the current instructor is displayed beside each time slot.

Now we can make the changes to our chosen classes.

For this example, the classes will update from 25/11 onwards.

The venue and class size limit is going to remain the same.

The instructor is being changed for all Monday classes, from Isabel to Mitch.

Once you're happy with your updates, click save to finalise them.

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