Quickly change the Billing Day of the Month for your customers. Go to the customers membership tab on their profile, click desired membership, and then select to edit membership.

At the bottom of the membership edit form you will have the option to change the billing day of the month, as seen below:

If you have moved your customers billing date back, then you will want to charge your customers extra on their next payment. For example if your customer pays £50 per month and has been paying on the 1st of the month and you adjust their payment to be taken on the 15th of the month you will want their next payment to be £75. You can adjust your customer's next 6 payments via the Upcoming Payments tab. Click the payment you want to edit.

You will then be able to edit the individual payment.

If you have any questions about managing payments with teamup please contact us at team@goteamup.com.

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