You may wish to put a customer's membership on hold (e.g. due to an injury or travel plans).

The Hold function in TeamUp will allow you to set a time period where the customers membership won't be valid for class bookings and all billing will also be put on hold.

First go the customer's membership detail page (customer profile>membership tab>click desired active membership) and select the hold option.

On the next page you will specify the details of the hold. You have an option to start the hold immediately and leave the membership on hold until you return to do it manually. This might be helpful if a customer is injured and you are both unsure when they will be fit again. On reactivation you will have an option to specify an extension to the membership (e.g. it was a 6 month fixed length membership and they need 45 days added to the expiration date).

You will also be able to specify in advance the date range for when the hold is in effect, this is useful for customers who know exactly when they will be unable to train with you (e.g. a temporary move for work).

On the next page you will see the confirmation that the membership is held and which payments are due to be skipped due to the membership hold.

Note. No prorates are calculated for partial months so if you want to make other adjustments to payments either side of the hold period you will have to do this manually. See Add a payment to a recurring membership for more on how to do this. 

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