Each class has a Class Detail page that lets you view and add class attendees.

You can find this by heading to the calendar, and clicking on the desired class.

Note. You will need to click 'details' if you are using the list view.

For class members already on the attendance list, you can "check off" to track no-shows.

As the business owner, you can add a person to the class by clicking the "Add" button. You can add an attendee before, during, or after the class.

Most businesses use the "Add" button two ways.

  1. If a customer cannot register for the class themselves for some reason, the business owner can add the customer to the class list.
  2. If a business does not require customers to register for classes but the business still wants to track attendances, the owner can use the "Add" feature to add customers to class lists before, during, or after the class.
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