"Questions" was a feature that allowed you to create, order and archive questions that you wanted to ask your customers before making a purchase or booking (such as "Do you suffer from heart problems?" or "Do you have any injuries?").

These were previously available in Documents/Questions >> Questions section within the left-hand menu (now known as Forms/Documents).

Where are they now?

Don't worry, all the questions you've previously created continue to be available. Not only the actual questions but also any answers that were already given by your customers too. But now it comes with even greater functionality!

Any questions that you already had set up before the changes are now known as "Fields" and can be found in Settings >> Customer Fields.

All previous questions have been pre-configured as follows:

  • The Field Label is exactly the same as the question you previously wrote, for example, "Where did you hear from us?"

  • The Field Type has also been set up as per the same or equivalent type as before. For example, a yes/no question type before it is now a Yes or No Field Type, or a "short answer" is now a "Single line of text"

  • All questions have been pre-populated to the Customer Form so customers who haven't yet given answers will continue to do so via the customer form, which can be found under Forms/Documents >> Customer Forms >> Customer Form. 

  • All answers already given by customers will continue to be available and can now be found in the Customer account on the business side within the new "Forms" tab (previously known as "Questions")

  • In addition, all customers' answers continue to be available on the customer side too within their "My Account" tab.

Why the change?

With the introduction of Fields and its new functionality, you now have even more options than before when it comes to setting up questions for your customers.

Here is a summary of the new things you can now do in addition to what was already available before:

  • Choose to who and when to ask your questions - before all the questions added were asked to all your customers on first purchase or booking, regardless of what they were buying or booking. However, now, using Forms you can choose what, to who and when to ask them. For example, you may have questions that are specific to pregnant customers attending natal classes which you won't want to ask your non-pregnant customers attending a standard class. Or, you may want your purchase process as simple and quick as possible and therefore only ask your questions when they first book a class instead. Now you can do all of these things with Forms.

  • Choose whether to ask your customers to resubmit their answers periodically - you can now set up your forms, and therefore questions within, to be asked periodically instead of just once. For example, you may wish to ask your customers to be complete a health questionnaire every 6 or 12 months instead of only when they first register. See Expiring Forms/Asking for Resubmission (ADD LINK) for further information on this.

  • Continue to add/remove questions and now you can edit them too - except the Field Type (i.e. yes/no answer for example) you can now edit everything else, including the name and whether it should be included in a form or not, and if so in which one. If you wish to change your current question please see our Editing Fields help guide.

  • More Types - In addition to the previously yes/no, short and long response you now have 7 more different options available when creating new questions, highlighting, in particular, the "Choice (select 1)" and "Choice (select multiple)" types which now allow you to personalise the answers that the customers can choose from. Such as for example, "Where did you hear about us?" can now have pre-defined answers such as family/friend, facebook, website, etc for them to choose one.

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