Many of you need new customers to complete waivers before they can register for your events, or purchase a membership. We have built a digital waiver system to take the hassle out of filing paper forms and saving you and your customers time that could be better spent getting active.

1. Go to the Forms/Documents >> Waivers on your TeamUp Dashboard, and click 'New 'Waiver'


2. Add your waiver text
Most of you will want your waiver to apply to all events, when you submit the below form it will do this by default:

3. You can set a waiver to be required for only certain offerings
Go to the waivers page, and click on 'All Offerings':

Change 'required for' to certain offerings:

You'll then have the option to toggle 'required' or 'not required for your offerings:

4. You are all set
Your customers will now have to complete the waiver before they can register for your classes and events. You'll be able to review signed waivers by selecting desired waiver, and then the signatures tab:

If you have questions about waivers, or any other features, then please contact us at

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