TeamUp lets you control how far in advance members have to cancel registrations, and how long open class spots remain reserved for people on the waiting list. To give you even more control, TeamUp lets you set a Nightly Blackout Period for waiting list spot expiration and cancellation time limits.

What is a nightly blackout period?

A nightly blackout period is time that does not count towards waitlist spot expirations or cancellation time limits. For example, if your cancellation time limit is 3 hours, customers have until 3 hours before the session's start time to cancel their registration without penalty. If you use a nightly blackout period from 11pm-7am and class is at 8 am, cancellations must occur before 9 pm the night before (9pm-11pm and 7am-8am are the 3 "non-blackout" hours). Waiting list spots will not expire during the blackout period.

Why would I use a nightly blackout period?

Some businesses like to set waiting list expiration times and cancellation cutoff limits low to accommodate members' busy and uncertain schedules. If a class is at 5 pm, it's likely that if someone cancels at 3:45 pm someone else on the waiting list will be around to take the spot. However, it's much less likely that someone will claim an open spot in a morning class that becomes available to the waiting list overnight. The blackout period effectively lets you set different cancellation limits for morning and evening classes without a bunch of configuration.

Can people still cancel registrations and register for sessions during nightly blackouts?

Yes. The blackout affects time limits for waitlist spot expiration and registration cancellations only. Customers can still register and unregister from sessions, and do everything else they've always been able to do.

How do I set my Nighty Blackout Period?

  1. Go to Settings >> Registration >> Nightly Blackout >> click 'Edit'.

  2. Select 'Use nightly blackout'.

  3. Set your start and end times and click 'Save'.


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