You can set up and manage multiple accounts for any children/partner/other family members, that you wish to book into classes or purchase memberships for.

If you haven't yet got a TeamUp account please sign up to your desired fitness business and when asked if you're signing up a child or other dependent select "Yes" and follow the rest of the steps:

If you already have a TeamUp account, go to 'My Account' tab, and from here you will see the option to Add a Child.

If you already have a family account you will also see another option to Invite Another Parent within the Family section too:

Add a Child

Use this for children, a partner or other family/friend members who you wish to manage under your TeamUp login. Once done you'll be able to manage their accounts, including booking them into classes or purchasing a membership on their behalf too.

You'll be required to enter the child/dependent first & last name, as well as their date of birth (DOB) and gender if the business requires it.

Invite Another Parent 

Use this to invite other people to manage a family with you. Common user case for this is a partner, for example, who wishes to have their own login details and notifications but also wants the ability to book classes for your children.

When adding a family manager you'll need to enter their first name, last name, and email. Once added they will receive an email with instructions on how to accept the account.

Note: You can repeat this process multiple times if you need to manage accounts for multiple family members/ or add other family managers. 

Once the accounts you need have been created, you will have the option to switch these accounts when making bookings or purchasing memberships and plans.

On the schedule pages, a drop-down menu will now show, that will allow you to switch between your account and any other family member account. You'll then be able to book them in using their membership status.

On membership pages, you'll see the option to buy for yourself as well as your family member(s). Note that you currently cannot share memberships between family members.

Please note that if the business does not allow parents to participate in lessons (such as businesses where all classes are for children for example) then you won't even see an option to buy or book something for yourself. In this instance, only your child/s name will appear.

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