If a business you're signed up for has a referral program, you'll be able to view your referral code and link from the 'Referrals' tab on your TeamUp dashboard.

If you are a family manager, you will also be able to see your codes in this section.

From here, you will be able to copy your referral link or code to start sharing!

The link and the code do the exact same thing. The main difference between the two is that the link will take the person you're referring directly to the TeamUp sign-up page and will have the referral code field pre-filled with your code, while with the code, users will need to click the sign-up link on TeamUp and enter your code manually.

How will I know when someone's used my referral code?

You will receive an email notification every time:

  1. Your code is used at signup by another customer.
  2. When the referral has been confirmed by the business and you've received your reward.

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