This handy feature lets you edit upcoming payments without having to navigate from the upcoming billing section.

It may be that you want to change the billing amount of a customer payment i.e. Christmas shut down, change the date the payment is due, or skip a payment that is no longer owed. This is all possible and more.

Filters allow you to refine your search before editing anything. In this example, we want to look at all customers on a 12 month membership, and payment dates in June 2019.


Click options besides the desired payment to edit as required.

In this example we're changing the payment date from 7th June to 30th June.


Other options allow to to skip the payment. Once skipped they can be viewed from upcoming billing.


Tip. Use filters to view only the payments you've chosen to skip.


Or change the payment total - perhaps you want to reduce the price a customer pays over a period you close down the business i.e.Christmas.


Perhaps you want to view all payments in retry. Use the 'Retrying' filter to show all.


It may be that the customer payment failed due to missing payment details. If you have the customers payment details to hand, click on the membership below their name, and then click No Method >> Add Payment method.


Drop us a line at if you need any guidance editing your upcoming billing.

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