A pending offline payment is a payment that is awaiting confirmation that it has been paid to your business.

Any pending offline payments you have can be found under Billing/Revenue >> Pending* or To-dos >> Offline Payments.

*The Billing/Revenue >> Pending - Pending Offline section will re-direct you to To-dos >> Offline Payments. We're working towards transitioning all actionable items on the system over to To-Dos. For more information on which items will be moving to To-Dos, please see Transitioning to To-dos.

There are two sets of actions for pending offline payments. Let's take a look at each one.

Invoice actions


From here you can confirm that you have received a pending payment, and amend the confirmation date. This might be particularly useful if you have confirmed a payment via one of your offline payment methods on different date outside of TeamUp, and want your internal records and TeamUp to match.

You can confirm individual payments by clicking the three little dots next to each payment, or bulk confirm.


You can also void any payment that is no longer required, or void in bulk.


If you need to edit a payment, simply click the three little dots and select 'Edit' to change the amount.

Membership actions

There are two actions available for overdue offline payments:

  • Block registrations on the customer's membership.
  • Cancel the membership.

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