Your staff members have the option to cancel a referral. For example, if you suspect fraud, you will be able to cancel this referral from your business dashboard.

When a referral is cancelled, it will be removed from the customer who signed up. This will allow a different referral to be applied to that customer if you choose to do so.

When deleting a customer, any pending referrals associated with that customer, referred or signed up, will be cancelled.

To cancel a referral, head to Customers >> Referrals.

Here, you will be able to cancel individual referrals or bulk cancel.

1. To cancel a referral, tick the desired customer and then click the 'Cancel' button.

2. To bulk cancel, tick the checkbox above the list to select all, or tick several customers to select a few. Then, select 'Cancel' from the drop-down menu and click the 'Cancel' button.

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