In December 2018 TeamUp was upgraded to allow for complete customisation of how data about your customers is stored and collected. We call this Forms and Fields. This article will help explain how to transition to the new system and more importantly, what is now possible that wasn't before.

New Functionality

Forms and Fields allows for a ton of exciting new functionality to let you store and collect information about your customers exactly how you'd like.

First, you can now fully customise the signup form that customers use to sign up at your business. Previously you could only toggle date of birth and gender on or off, but you can now add any fields you want. Want to ask how someone heard about your business? Easy. Need to ask about someone's previous experience? Simple.

We now support typed fields, like date, number, or multiple choice. Multiple choice fields are a great way to keep your data organised and consistent across customers.

All existing fields, like gender and marketing preference, are fully customisable. You can add and remove choices, or rename the field's label.

You can request customers confirm their answers periodically, perfect for emergency contact information or health history.

Ask customers for specific information before they register for a certain kind of class or buy a particular membership. Easily ask your expecting mums for more info when they book into pre-natal yoga, for example.

Customise what fields are shown on a customer's profile on your business dashboard, or what fields need to be entered when a customer is added from your business dashboard.


All customer data is now stored in fields. This combines the previously separate systems of custom fields, contact information, questions, and marketing preferences into one general purpose system. You can now fully customise all fields including their labels and choices.

Custom Fields

The previous custom fields system allowed you to store information about customers on your business dashboard. All of your old custom fields have been moved over to fields. This data is not visible to customers by default.

Contact Information

A customer's phone number and address as well as their emergency contact's name, phone number, and relationship are all separate fields now.


Any previously created questions have been moved to be individual fields.

Marketing Preference

Marketing preference can be edited just like all the other fields. You can still automatically unsubscribe customers from your Mailchimp mailing lists when they choose the opt-out choice.


Forms are used to collect information from customers when they sign up, register for a class, or buy a membership. Previously you could toggle gender and date of birth on or off on the signup form, or ask questions and for contact information prior to buying any membership or register for a class. Now everything is customisable.

We've created 4 forms for you, the Signup Form, Contact Form, Emergency Contact Form, and Customer Form.

The Signup Forms

Your account will have two signup forms. For most businesses, you only need to know about the regular signup form. We explain the other non-participating signup form below.

The signup form is what the customer must fill out when they are registering at your business. This is a great place to ask for things like where the customer heard about your business or if they have any previous experience. Read about how to add fields to forms in our support centre.

The non-participating signup form is used almost exclusively by family based businesses where a parent is registering at your business in order to manage their children but they wont be participating in classes themselves.

Contact Form

The contact form will ask for a customer's phone number and address. If you had previously been asking for contact information, the Contact Form will be required to be completed prior to buying a membership or registering for a class.

Emergency Contact Form

The emergency contact form will ask for a customer's emergency contact's name, phone number, and relationship. Just like with the Contact Form, if you had been previously asking for emergency contact info prior to membership purchases or class registrations, this new Emergency Contact Form will be required for the same things.

Customer Form

The customer form contains any questions you were asking previously. By default, the Customer Form is required to be complete prior to buying any membership or registering for a class. If you did not have any questions previously, customers will not be asked to complete this form.

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