Facebooks 'Book Now' button can be edited to redirect to a URL of your liking.

For instance, you could redirect to your website or the TeamUp members site.

To do this:

  1. Head to Customer Experience>>Customer Site in your TeamUp account and copy the URL in the grey box.

Tip. if you have the TeamUp widget installed on your Facebook page/website you could use the URL it is installed on, rather than the TeamUp URL. This will ensure customers are kept on your page/site.

2. Head to your Facebook page and click to edit the 'Book Now' button.

Select to Link to Website, and paste the URL taken from step 1 above.

Click save to continue, and then finish.

3. Now when customers click the 'Book Now' button a new tab will open with your TeamUp members site.

Note. this is not the same as installing the widget. If you would like to install the widget please follow the steps in this guide.

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