Navigate to Forms/Documents >> Waivers.

Here you can add waivers for your customers to sign (online), before being able to attend your classes/events

Adding a new waiver

Go to Forms/Documents >> Waivers >> New Waiver

Here you will be prompted to enter:

  • Waiver Name
  • Waiver Text - Your waiver's text. When your customers sign this waiver, we'll add a text field for their 'signature' so be sure to remove any confusing 'sign here' lines in your waiver's text.

Editing an existing waiver

If a customer has previously signed a waiver, you'll need to 'Archive & Copy' to edit any of the details, including the title and the text body. Forms/Documents >> Waivers (choose the desired Waiver by clicking on waiver name) >> Edit >> Archive & Copy


You can then decide whether ALL customers should sign the edited waiver again or only NEW customers.


Archiving an existing Waiver

You can archive the waiver at any time, by going to Forms/Documents >> Waivers (choose the desired Waiver by clicking on waiver name) >> Edit >> Archive


Note. New customers do not sign these archived waivers, but customers have signed them in the past.

Waiver signature required for certain or all offerings

Once your Waiver has been created, you can decide whether this needs to be signed for all offerings, or only specific ones.

Go to Forms/Documents >> Waivers>> Select applicable waiver >> Signature Settings


Here you can set circumstances under which this waiver needs to be signed. Participants will have to sign the waiver onceā€”the first time they register for/purchase an applicable offering.

Checking if a waiver has been signed:

You can see if a waiver has been signed by either of the following

  • Go to Forms/Documents >> Waivers (choose the desired Waiver) >> Signatures. This will show you a list of all the customers that have signed the Waiver
  • Go to Customers >> Customer List >> Select desired customer >> Waivers

This will show you if a Waiver has been signed or not/ and the date signed if yes:

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