TeamUp allows you to add multiple venues (as many as you like) to your account. Venues can be assigned to your different Class/Appointment Types and Courses.

Adding a venue

To add a new venue, head to Settings >> Venues/Rooms >> click 'Add a Venue +'

Here, enter your venue's name and select whether it's an online venue or a physical venue.

Then, select the venue type and complete the details as seen below*.

*For more information on how to set up an online venue for your online classes and appointments, see How to offer online classes to your members.

Once completed click 'Save' to create the venue.

Your new venue will then show up on your active venues list in Settings >> Venues/Rooms.

You'll now be able to select the new venue for new and existing Class/Appointment Types.

Adding a room

Venues can be linked to rooms. For example, if your venue has separate spaces or rooms for private PT sessions, you can create rooms, and link these rooms to your Appointment Types*. Or you might have multiple spaces for consultations, massages, etc. Each one of these spaces can be set up as a room linked to one of your venues.

*Note. Rooms prevent space conflicts. When setting up an Appointment Type, you can optionally select 1 or more rooms. Client appointments will be assigned to an open room automatically, and no two appointments can happen in the same room at the same time.

To add a room, head to Settings >> Venues/Rooms >> click the 'Rooms' tab >> click 'Add a Room +'.

In the next step, you'll be prompted to add a name for the room and select which venue it should be linked to.

Once done, you'll see the room in your active rooms, and you'll be able to link your Appointment Types to it.

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